Student Life



The middle school cheer squad is for 6th-8th grade students.

Pep Squad is for  4th and 5th grade students.

Cheerleading Website

For more information, please contact  Mrs. Salvail at


Please click here to visit the Jets website. (


There are basketball teams for boys and girls for grades 4th – 8th.  Please contact Lindsay Way, SJS Athletic Director, at for more information.

 Running Club

Coach Adderley leads our 2nd-8th grade students in our running club.  The members meet on Wednesdays after school.  Running club starts in early October and last until the end of the school year. The running club members also participate in local fun runs, 1 mile races, and 5K.

Running Club Website

 Tennis Team

SJS offers a tennis team for 2nd – 8th graders. Please contact Coach Way for information regarding our tennis program.

Golf Team

SJS has a golf team for middle school students. If you are interested please contact Coach Way for more information.

Any questions about our athletic programs and or our P.E. program please contact Coach Lindsay Way