Giving to St. Joseph School

A quality, faith-filled education is of itself a tremendous gift. It is a gift to be passed on to the next generation and certainly a gift that can never be taken for granted. Teaching and learning cost much more today than they did thirty years ago; the price of modern technology is more than a ruler, a calculator, or a typewriter. We can no longer rely on religious orders to teach our Catholic school students; consequently, teachers’ salaries must remain competitive with those in the public schools. As tuition increases to support operations of our school, the need for tuition assistance becomes more acute.

Tuition covers only a portion on the cost associated with educating our students; the remainder comes from our families, parishioners, alumni, and friends in the community. To rely totally on tuition for funding would price St. Joseph’s out of the market and would sacrifice the diversity that strengthens our school.

It is the faithful support of the private and corporate community that allows us to meet our needs and to ensure that our school stays strong and continues to thrive. If you have benefited from a Catholic education or appreciate the value of such an education, please consider how you might be able to help St. Joseph School financially. Your donation will support our educational efforts in so many ways as we continue this important work in preparing our students to become responsible members of family, Church and community.

The Development Office welcomes and invites your inquiries regarding the best way for you to participate in the grown of St. Joseph Catholic School. Please feel free to contact Kevin Nolten, Director of Marketing and Development, at (318) 865-3585.