Academic Excellence Surrounded by Faith

St. Joseph School provides an academic environment that shapes the social, emotional and spiritual growth of each of our students.  Our program plants the seeds which create a path of academic excellence beginning with Pre-K3 and going through the 8th grade.


St. Joseph School provides early childhood education with Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and kindergarten classes.  Small class sizes allow for more one-on-one instruction with the teacher and help young students shape positive attituges about their educational journey.  Using a hands-on, multi-sensory approach, children explore the curriculum through small group activities designed for age-appropriate learning experiences. Each classroom has at least one iPad for the students to use during center time.


St. Joseph School follows the 21st Century Curriculum established by the Diocese of Shreveport.  The core curriculum includes language arts, reading, math, science and social studies.  The educational needs of the students are enhanced by computerized instruction with SMARTBoard interactive technology and iPads  in every classroom; an iPad lab; a library media center for research; and enrichment classes in the areas of art, music, physical education and Spanish.

Middle School

The middle school offers a rigorous curriculum in math, science, literature, grammar and social studies. Each middle school student has a school issued iPad for use during class and at home for homework and research.  In addition to interactive technology in the classrooms, students are enrolled in enrichment courses including physical education, art, music and Spanish.  Eighth grade students are given the opportunity to earn 2 1/2 high school credits by taking Algebra I, Spanish I and Computer Science.