About St. Joseph

Vision & Philosophy


The vision of St. Joseph Catholic School is to provide a religious and academic education that prepares students to become responsible members of family, Church, and community.


In accordance with the mission of the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport and of St. Joseph Parish, our school is a vibrant Christian community where students are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential appropriate to their age spiritually, intellectually, aesthetically, emotionally, socially and physically.

We realize this mission through staff who will exemplify and nurture in the students

  1. Both an intellectual and experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ, His mission and church, together with basic Christian attitudes and values within the context of the Catholic tradition
  2. acquisition of academic skills necessary for contemporary society and higher education
  3. a facility in adapting to change and an openness to progressive techniques
  4. inquiring minds and the capacity to think critically and
  5. respect for their own dignity as persons, images of God, together with respect for all others as well.

St. Joseph is a Catholic School. We recognize that the parents are the primary educators of their children, and we view the school as an extension of the family. It is the school’s responsibility to help educate the child in a Christian environment. We recognize that each child has God given dignity and value. We recognize that each child has individual gifts and needs. Through a carefully planned curriculum and qualified staff, we help to develop gifts and meet the needs of every child insofar as possible.

As a Catholic school we support the teachings of the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States in their pastoral letter, “To Teach as Jesus Did,” that education of the young is fundamentally the responsibility of the home. Thus, it is the function of the school to complement, to reinforce, and to extend the Christian development begun within the home:

  1. Through communication between home and school regarding the progress of students and the expectations of parents and school.
  2. Through staff awareness of the obligation to remain abreast of current trends in education.
  3. Through challenges, which encourage students to continue their development beyond the boundaries of home and school.
  4. Through opportunities for parent continuing education.
  5. By providing an atmosphere in which faith is fostered through liturgies, religion classes, and visible signs of faith such as the crucifix and other religious symbols.
  6. By cultivating through word and example a respect for the person, rights, and properties of others and a respect for the religious beliefs of others.
  7. By encouraging everyone to greater love by cultivating a greater acceptance of one another; by community solidarity; and by lasting friendships.
  8. By meeting our individual responsibilities with maturity that elicits trust.
  9. By offering as wide a variety of choices as reasonably possible.
  10. By individual and group guidance in relating consequences to choices.
  11. By making available to the student a range of academic and extracurricular choices so as to allow every student an opportunity for growth.

The first responsibility of St. Joseph Catholic School is to be an expression of a Christian community in which we strive to love one another with love, which Jesus said would be the sign of His followers. Therefore, each member of the St. Joseph family hopes to create by work an example of a Christian center of learning.

We accept as a basic reality that in a Christian center of learning, rights bring responsibilities. As responsibility develops, it calls for choices, which should encourage good and reflective decision-making. Respect for and trust in one another is the basis from which an active sense of responsibility grows. Because students have varying needs and learning abilities, we endeavor to offer a variety of experiences both inside and outside the classroom in order to help them realize their potential.