About St. Joseph

History & Traditions

St. Joseph School opened its doors for the first time on September 17, 1951.  Nestled in the heart of Broadmoor, our school has grown from five classrooms (kindergarten and three grades), four teachers and 102 students, to its current size of thirty-plus classrooms and 450 students.  In 1957, the middle school building was built next to the original building (Gremillion Hall) just in time for the first graduating class of 20 students.

The founding pastor was the Reverend Joseph Gremillion who served from 1949 to June 1958.  Sisters of the Order of Divine Providence served St. Joseph School from its opening in 1951 until 1976.  The Mother House of the Sisters was located in San Antonio, Texas and they were later reassigned from St. Joseph School to other areas served by their Order.

Principals to serve St. Joseph from the Order of Divine Providence were Sister Theonilla (1951-1957), Sister Bernard Marie (1957-1963), Sister Virginia Claire (1963-1964), Sister Leone Therese (1964-1967), and Sister Rita Louise (1967-1975).  Glenna Arnold was the first layperson to serve as principal, followed by Carmen Heflin, David Schommer, Susan Belanger and Ourania Mitchell.

One important addition to St. Joseph School has been The Learning Center which was given by Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Waner in memory of their son, the first member of St. Joseph Parish to be killed in action in the Vietnam War, “That others may advance in wisdom, grace and knowledge before God and men.”

With the beginning of the church renovation and construction in 2001, existing houses were moved to the corner of Atlantic and Patton to create the “Kindergarten Village” for our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.

Today, St. Joseph School proudly continues its tradition of academic excellence by offering a rigorous curriculum that includes high school level classes in the areas of Math, Spanish and Computer Science.  Students participate in Mass once a week, begin each day with a school prayer and take part in a religion elective.  “Our commitment as a Christian community is to expose children every day to a sense of the presence and reality of God in their lives and to make them aware of the Catholic values and morals that are so important,” said Susan Belanger, principal.

Guided by a strong foundation of academic excellence and spiritual faith, graduates of St. Joseph School have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities across the country including Rhodes College, Louisiana State University, University of Notre Dame, Georgetown, Yale, University of Alabama, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, University of San Diego, Fordham University, University of Texas, Vanderbilt University and Washington & Lee University.